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Ceramic Master Bricks Co.,Ltd, China

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Product description
              Jining Ceramic Master Bricks Co., Ltd. is the new building materials making company and solely invested by Jinan Golden Bull Brick&Tile Making Machinery Co., Ltd. It was founded in 18th May, 2011. And total investment of this project is 52 million RMB and covers an area of 75 acres. The company located 500 meters east of Sha Hutong village, 3.5kilometers south of Sishui Country. It adopts coal gangue and shale to produce high grade hollow brick and insulation brick and its annual output can reach 120million pcs (standard brick). The benefits of this project is that can consume industrial waste 78000 ton, including coal gangue, and save land resource about 200 acres.

            The equipments adopt the standard machinery and the latest research and development of products, and domestic advanced hydraulic fine roller crusher and robot stacking system, after completed, it is the advanced technology demonstration production line in Shandong Province and even in the whole country; The kiln adopts tunnel kiln  100.8*3.7* 1.47m (L*W*H) and the productive technology of “once setting, triple drying and twice firing”. The advanced measurement and control system for temperature and pressure can reduce heat loss effectively and improve the heat efficiency of kiln.

            Jining Ceramic Master Bricks Co., Ltd. in line with “Customer highest, quality first”, create value for the client; gain the win-win cooperation between client, society and company. This project can promote the development of automation and industrialization for domestic new wall building materials industries then improve the level of domestic building materials industries.


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